Michael Brun X Lakou Mizik ft. J. Perry - Gaya

Michael Brun X Lakou Mizik
ft. J. Perry

Michael Brun, Lakou Mizik and J. Perry release their 2017 Kanaval song "GAYA" (Healing)
In support of Artists for Peace and Justice and Haiti's Artists Institute.

When Haitian DJ Michael Brun met with the all star racine (roots) music collective Lakou Mizik, the questions was simple: how to make these two musical styles work together and push Haitian culture forward in a unique, but authentic and international way. Their 2017 Kanaval offering - "GAYA" (pronounced "guy-ah") or "Healing" is the rowdy swaggering answer - a banging dance floor roots rocker that trades between the frenetic traditional rhythms of Haitian Rara music and the DJ's signature bass laden production.

"GAYA" is sung in Haitian Kreyol and boasts of Haiti's proud past, its cultural strength and its natural beauty. The lyrics, written by Lakou Mizik and Haitian pop star J.Perry, call on Haitians from every corner of the world to come together in a unified chorus of pride and positivity to heal and stay strong in the face of all the difficulties the country endures. Singer and songwriter, Jonas Attis of Lakou Mizik says that musicians are "messengers of the voice of the people" and that they need to use their music to make sure those in power are listening. Attis adds, "They (politicians) need to work harder to bring the people together, especially the youth. They need to serve as role models and as inspiration so that we can all believe in a better future for the country." "GAYA" is a musical message that will be hard for the politicians to ignore. It's a powerful statement lyrically, musically and culturally that speaks across generations and has taken over the radio and clubs of the country. Now, with the international release of "GAYA" Michael Brun, Lakou Mizik and J. Perry are sending this healing musical message out from Haiti to fans around the world.

"Haiti's musical history is incredibly rich and has played a huge role in my life as an artist. Because of that it's been very important for me to pay respect to the artists that paved the way for the current generation. With the Gaya project, we had the honor of working with Keke Belizaire of Mizik Mizik, Dadi Beaubrun of Boukman Eksperyans, and Patrick Brun of Skandal who all contributed their expertise. This song represents a union of generations and sounds in order to create something brand new, and I'm so proud of it." - Michael Brun

Brun first met the members of Lakou Mizik while they were both recording music at the studios of the Artists Institute in Jacmel, Haiti. The Artists Institute is a scholarship based vocational school that focuses on teaching disadvantaged youth in Haiti the art of music production and filmmaking and is an initiative of the New York Based NGO, Artists for Peace and Justice. Both Michael Brun and Lakou Mizik have deep ties with the school and its students. The "GAYA" collaboration is the first of many collaborations Brun is planning with Haitian artists for 2017 and is part of a musical movement to he started with his hit 2016 single "Wherever I Go" (Kid Coconut) to bring positive attention to his country. Lakou Mizik's debut record "Wa Di Yo" (Cumbancha) was the first record recorded at the Artists Institute and graced many Top 10 year end music lists. For the past year Lakou Mizik have been working with another high profile Artists Institute supporter DJ/Producer Joe Ray from the Grammy Award winning electronic band NERO. Their collaborative album will be released in Summer 2017.

Proceeds from streams and sales of "Gaya" will go directly to supporting the programs of The Artists Institute.

To find out more about Lakou Mizik, visit LakouMizik.com.

"Gaya" Music Video

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